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  • Arduino Mega 2560

    Arduino Mega board is ideal for larger projects, which brings new opportunities. More power, more...

    Availability: In stock >10pcs

    11,96 € incl. VAT

    13,96 € incl. VAT Discount 2 €

  • Arduino Nano

    Arduino Nano is a compact today suitable for smaller projects.

    Availability: Sold out

    5,96 € incl. VAT

  • Arduino Pro Mini

    Arduino Pro Mini, used to launch the smallest projects.

    Availability: Sold out

    3,16 € incl. VAT

    3,96 € incl. VAT Discount 0,80 €

  • Arduino Uno with a USB cable

    Basic clone of the Arduino UNO with a USB cable. Fully compatible with the original. Arduino Uno...

    Availability: In stock >10pcs

    7,96 € incl. VAT

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